Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Sawyer


Baby Sawyer, a set on Flickr.

I don't know how you all do it...narrow it down and pick pictures. I want to plaster my walls with pictures of the kids! So instead of posting each image I'm just going to post this whole collection as a link to flickr because I was bad at narrowing it down. And...there's still more that I want to do with this little guy, it's just finding the time to do it before we're out of the newborn window which closes around 2 weeks!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No one home?

Hi All! Just a quick update to let you all know that we haven't dropped off the face of the earth if you've got this blog bookmarked, we've simply started a new blog that's hosted on our new site. Come and join us over there. MKD Photography's New Blog


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MKD's Christmas Gift!

We got it for you, we got it for us, we got it for MKD. What is it????

Click the present to find out!

Head on over now, it's time to update your RSS...there's a surprise waiting there for you too!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

100 cans!! 27 comments with 45 questions matched by us with a 10 can bonus

Thank you so much for all of your all of your questions!! I found out that some people were having trouble with blogger leaving comments and that makes me sad, but we did get 29 comments over two entries…but we can do better than that because there are a total of 45 questions, so we’re going to go with that for a total and since we know that there are usually about 100 hits every time we write an entry we’re going to match the 45 with another 45 with a bonus of 10 cans since when I started answering these there were only 10 days left until Christmas…how is that for a mathematical equation!
Stay tuned for pictures of the purchase and delivery!

How come you two don't kill each other working together?

There are many moments when we’re working together totally in sync and basking in the glow of how well we function, a seamless unit and powerhouse team rocking out amazing pictures…and for each and every one of those moments there are glares and harsh words whispered in ears about all of the minor annoyances of the day--We’re human, we’re married. We’re not perfect, but we do somehow find a pretty awesome balance of the two…and for every little tiff we have we get to makeup with each other….and at the end of the day we crawl into the same bed together knowing that without the M or the K MKD would be nothing!

Why do you both wear black crocs to every wedding?
We both used to wear dress shoes…and the next day we both used to hobble around like little old ladies who had worn high heels their whole lives. There was one wedding where I actually felt like I had bruised the bottom of my feet. In my everyday life I often wore a bright blue pair of crocs…one day we just decided that as long as seriously amazing pictures are coming out of our cameras who cares what shoes are on our feet…the first wedding we actually wore them to we made some awesome discoveries—crocs don’t make a SOUND when you are running up the aisle in a church, crocs can go right into the ocean to capture a shot of the couple on the beach with the water in the foreground, and crocs don’t hurt even after standing in them for 12 hours…we were sold!

Why haven't you bought a D700 yet? Why haven't you bought a D700 yet? Why haven't you bought a D700 yet?
We did…and a D90…and we’re buying another D700 before our first wedding of 2009 which is in February. Goodbye D300s and backup D200, you served us well over the last year and we have officially outgrown you.

Are you going to bring your ringlight to my wedding?
Wait, Doug, you’re getting married? We’re totally bringing the ringlight and a Honda Generator…you tell us the date and the ringlight is there!

Ummm. Yeah, I'm not getting married, so Why haven't you bought a D700 yet? Why haven't you bought a D700 yet?

Well…we got the D700, now YOU have to get married. We want to bring the ringlight.

As a (very) amateur photographer with a really nice camera (Nikon D60) what accessory should I ask for for Christmas to help improve my skills?
Either an SB-600 or the yummy new Nikon 50mm 1.4 AFS…Kate would go with the lens in a heartbeat (can you put one on your list for me too?) and Mike would get the flash…both will add so much to the D60 you’ll fall in love all over again.

How much do you charge for photographing a wedding usually (a range is fine :))?

Don’t you hate when you want to put a smiley in parenthesis and it ends up looking like a man with a double chin? Our coverage starts at 4k and goes up to 10k packages for local weddings and 15k with travel.

Are you willing to travel for destination weddings?

We love weddings and we love traveling…so I wouldn’t say we are willing, we are at the airport waiting! Have camera will travel!

How did you get such amazing vision?! (Your work is absolutely beautiful!)

First of all, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. It is people who love our work that allow us to do what we do for a living. Mike and I both have very different backgrounds when it comes to photography. Mike is more into setting things up or noticing the little details and capturing them as he sees in his mind. I’m more of a sharp shooter pointing my camera in a million different directions throughout the day and happen upon images where the stars align and wow even me. Mike loves photographing things (and people) and I love photographing people (and things).

Will you donate one can for every question I ask? :-P

Yes, yes we will! Actually, no, we'll donate 2!

How old were you when you started photography? I'm 25 and always wanted to get into it but never actually got around to it because I've heard it's expensive to get started in. Do you think I'm too old to start now???

Mike was in high school when he got his first SLR (A Nikon N90s) and he was hooked. He started shooting for a car magazine called Max Power the summer before going to college. I started dating Mike and all of his gear in our sophomore year of college…so we were young. 18 and 19. It can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. My advice is to get an SLR camera (something like the Nikon D40 is fine) with a nice low aperture lens like the new Nikon 50mm 1.4 AFS and see what kind of photographs you like taking. If you end up loving it you can upgrade gear as you go, if you end up just liking it you have a pretty awesome hobby camera that can take you far. We’re all for following your passion, so if you’re 25 or 95 and feel like photography is calling you jump in with both feet…there is always ebay to sell off gear if you decide you really don’t like it at all.

...Do more than one question per comment count or should we leave 1 question per Comment?

We’re counting any and every question…

What is the funniest moment from all the weddings you've photographed?

There are so many moments that we look back on now that make us laugh that weren’t funny at the time at all. But the one that we were actually physically laughing the hardest was one of our earlier weddings, Katie and James back in Mike’s hometown of Leominster. They had a gorgeous tent set up on the lake a the bride’s father’s house. It was sunset and we were down by the edge of the water looking for some fun shots. It was Mike’s turn with them and he set them up behind this big tree right at the water’s edge and said, “Now I’m going to go over there and you’re going to “peek” around this tree…” James immediately looked at Mike and in all seriousness said, “There will be no peeking…we’re not peeking around any tree.” I chimed in with, “How about you just lean over there then and look…just look around the tree, don’t peek….” We wrapped that session up and I remember telling Katie that that was going to be her favorite shot from the day…if I’m remembering correctly it was! We have a running joke (don’t know how funny Mike really thinks it is) that Mike often says things in awkward and embarrassing ways…I usually break the silence by laughing at him and repeating his request out loud so he can see how lame he sounds—love you honey!

What is your favorite moment to take pictures of during weddings?

Kate: I love the time that we get with just the couple…it’s when I can be most creative.
Mike: First dance. Or any dance really…or the walk down the aisle and the leaving of the church when they’ve just gotten married.

Where's your favorite place to photograph a client?
Somewhere that means something to them…if there is a story we love the challenge of trying to capture it. We’re not too keen on shooting in the same place twice, we’ll do it, but it always feels like that space belongs to whomever it was that we first shot there.

What's the ONE piece of photography equipment you couldn't live without?

Batteries…nothing works without them. Seriously, though, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our flashes.

What was the most useful learning tool for you when you first started.
The internet. Seriously, anything that you want to know it out there. Mike is a huge learner. He’s constantly on www.strobist.com, www.dpreview.com, www.nikonians.org, www.photoshopuser.com, www.bythom.com and countless other photographer sites and blogs. I’m more of a forum people girl myself…that and experience. We learn the best by getting out there and doing it.

You are a busy lady: you parent two busy kids, you don't sleep at night due to nursing, you work on pictures full time while your husband is gone Mon-Fri and your weekends are spent taking pics. What motivates you to join and host playgroups and other such "fun" events in your limited free time as opposed to taking a needed nap or watching tv on the couch!?
Everyone says, “Nap when they nap,” but if I take a two hour nap in the middle of the day I feel unproductive and zombified for the rest of the afternoon…I feel so much better if I have a few things on the list that I’ve accomplished. I’m a super type A and feel like the more I have to do the more grounded I feel…but there are days that I give in to the nap or a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Also, what would you say is the hardest thing about photographing weddings for a living?

The hardest thing is really something that plagues most small business owners. We don’t get a regular Friday paycheck like everyone else. We have to hope that our work and our efforts will continue to book us jobs and we have to have some kind of backup plan in place in case there is a month where we don’t book anything. It’s scary, but so far it is working for us.

What is your favorite thing about photographing weddings?

The people that let us into the inner sanctuary of their lives and families. We were just at a wedding where only the closest family members were allowed in the room for the signing of the Kahtuba…the closest family members and us. We see all of the happiness, the joy, the stress, the knitty gritty and we love it.

Besides photography (and kids), what else do you guys enjoy doing in your free time?

We love movies...although lately we don't have time to watch too many of them (photography and kids) and we do fancy ourselves some cuddled up nights on the couch watching primetime (Heroes, Lost, ANTM, Grey's...thank GOD for the DVR) We also stayed out all night one night to get in line for the Charles River Canoe and Kayak sale where we got two Perception Viscayas. We're also big beach freaks and try to get to either the Cape (Mike's old haunt) or Hampton Beach (Kate's old haunt) throughout the summer. I haven't been to a mountain in three years but when I'm not pregnant and in charge of wee little babies I imgine we'll be able to get our boards back in the snow.

What color undies do you wear on the wedding day? ;)
Whatever the color of the clean undies is…we have a laundry problem. It’s bad.

What would you have done differently with your wedding pictures had you been the photographer at your wedding?
My first thought is we wouldn’t have used the “rain” room…no on looks good in the basement under florescent lighting…I think knowing what I know now we also would have either allotted a bigger window for pictures of just the two of us or done a second session when we got back from our honeymoon…hmm….I still have the dress, perhaps we should trash it.

How do you keep your vision and creativity fresh? How do you find your style?

One the big things that keeps our vision fresh is the fact that every time we are “working” it is with a new couple in a new place. Sometimes we have brides that want to know if we’ve worked at their venue before…on the rare occasion that we haven’t I think it leaves the bride wary that we might not know the ins and the outs of the place…it makes us beyond happy because it is a new place with new pictures to capture! There are certain places that we seem to keep going back to and there is just something about that place the will always be tied to the first wedding we shot there. There is a photo assignment on strobist where you have to take 50 pictures of a white coffee mug without moving it…the key is to use dynamic lighting to change the way the mug looks. I say why not pick the mug up and bring it to a bunch of different churches and a bunch of different reception sites…then there’s no way they’ll look alike!

What was the most classic case of "bridezilla" that you've ever seen?

I’ve had a lot of brides who are just trying to be heard on their wedding day who are so fearful that they are being “bridezillas” and I have yet to see anyone who truly fits the roll. We all deal with stress in such different ways…maybe the true bridezillas are happening in the planning process and they all have it out of their systems by the time we get there on the wedding day or maybe we just have genuinely amazingly calm brides that book us!?

What has been the toughest moment, as parents, thus far?

It is hard to see your babies hurting…so I guess the roughest moment was the hours after Chase was born. I had just had a c-section so I couldn’t be with him…he was so tiny and needed me and Mike so much and it just felt like no matter what we did for him it wasn’t helping. I was so proud of myself that Emmie never had a drop of formula and within hours of Chase’s birth they were saying he was going to seize, they couldn’t get an IV into him, and he was gagging on the formula they were trying to make me feed him…it was the definition of helpless.

What was your wedding song?

“Can’t Take my Eyes off of you,” by Englebert Humperdink…LOL!! Only because it couldn’t be, “Rock DJ,” by Robbie Williams which is technically our song. And honestly….neither of us are dancers so it was VERY awkward to watch!

What was the coolest car Mike ever got to drive during his career photographing cars?

A bright yellow Lamborghini Galliardo tearing around the streets of North Andover while on a shoot for Boston Common magazine on the Auto Club.

Family Guy or Simpsons?
Family Guy…if you have lived in RI you have to love the Family Guy, it’s a rule.

Next child....boy or girl?
Mike: Next child???
Kate: Both, I want a sister for Emmie or a brother for Chase...twins would be nice.

Proudest moment as photographers?

When we make people cry…it means so much to us to give our gift of photography to people. And I don’t mean that in a, “We’re gifted, tah tah,” kind of way, but we know that these are the pictures that you will be looking a for the next 60+ years and we want them to be perfect.

And why do you wear black crocs to every wedding????

You need to get a pair...can I just add that they really are awesome…they are!

Real Christmas tree or fake?
Kate’s allergic and gets all kind of hivey when we have a real tree…so we got a nice pre-light from Namco the Christmas before Emmie was born.

Have you ever seen a bride trip or fall walking down the aisle?
No…I fell down the front steps of the Eisenhower House in Newport just as the Flowers by Semia van was pulling up…and I’ve seen a veil fall off of a bride walking down the aisle. And bridesmaids tripping on the alter…but not a bride!

What's your favorite canned food????
Kate: Cambell’s Vegetable ABC soup
Mike: Spaghettios with meatballs…but they smell a little like barf.

If you own a point-and-shoot...what brand is it?

It’s a Canon SD-400 but Mike wants a G10….if you have a point and shoot you should get a mini tripod and an underwater case. Best purchases ever!

Can you have a video of Emmie in the next 10 blog posts?
You’re going to have to put up with more videos in general…we just got a new D90 which takes some awesome HD video. Maybe not in the next 10 posts, but soon….very soon!

Oh. my. word. could she get any cuter?!!

No, she can’t….because if she did my heart would grow so big it wouldn’t fit in my chest anymore and I would burst with too-much-cuteness.

If you could photograph your choice of any one person in the whole entire world, who would it be?

Kate: A three day old baby who sleeps no matter where I put them and has a head of adorable downy soft dark hair…but they would wake up and calmly look at me for the last 10 minutes of the shoot…and throw in a little reflex smile and I’m in heaven.
Mike: Grace Kelly from her bygone movie days.

If you read all the way through…BRAVO! If you didn’t…I hope at least you read the answer to your questions!
We’ll be donating our cans in January of 2009 when the need is high and the shelves are empty from all of the holiday giving.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kate goes Boudoir

Hey ladies and gentlemen...exciting news with MKD! Kate is going Boudoir, and she's doing it right! We've got a hotel room at the Onyx Hotel in Boston, booked hair and Kimberly Fosher makeup and we making a day of it!

Guys, great gift to give your girl for Christmas--a day of pampering and some images you don't want to miss. Girls, a great gift to give your guy on your 2009 wedding day or a Valentine for your hubby if you were one of our past brides. Check it out! Book before 12/31/08 and save 20% of the $350 session fee! I'm shooting with Shyla and only accepting 3 clients so drop me an email if you'd like some pampering on January 11!